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Welcome to the Fairy Fair!

With everything moving so fast nowadays and people being pulled in many different directions, I thought it would be fun to create an event that can give us a break, at least for the day. So, along with my Angels and Fairy Friends, we wanted to give hard working people a chance to detach, relax and have a fun day of healing.


Fairies are all about having fun, playing in nature, listening to music and being a little mischievous. Well, that's exactly the energy we wanted to bring to this show. It's not so much about having all things fairy, although, we do have some wonderful fairy items, but more about the energy of the fairies. We wanted to create a break for those that need and want it.

So, come join us on this magical journey of playing, resting and healing with our fairy friends.


We hope to fly with you very soon!

Love, Light & Blessings~Alex with Angels & Fairies

Mini Show Pic Jan 2020.PNG
fairy fair june 2018 a.jpg
Fairy Fair Nov 2018A.jpg
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