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I love helping others and hearing how the angels helped them.

Here's what people are saying about Alex and the Angels:


Alex is a true healer, a down-to earth angel with an earnest heart and a bright, magnanimous spirit. Her consistently "right-on" readings have comforted, guided, and inspired me, especially at those times when I was completely down on my hope. Equally valuable, her heartfelt meditations, enhanced by her soothing voice, are times of deep peace and reflection.

Susan Andrews / March 31st, 2014



Alex is nothing short of amazing. My mom, a family friend and I visited her regarding the passing of my little sister. The first part of the reading involved her telling us about ourselves. We all agreed that it felt as though she knew us better than we knew ourselves. She also accurately described the relationship between my sister and mom. I would recommend Alex to anyone who is seeking healing in any area of their lives. Phenomenal job!

   Dave Albritton / Oct 14, 2014



The first time Alex gave me a reading and healing I left with an exhilaration that I will never forget. It lasted for days. I knew that she had a very special gift and I wanted to be a part of it. Since then I have taking her classes and have attended her meditations. I am always leave filled with spirit. She has an incredible gift, she is very genuine and has a loving spirit and heart.

Lori Dacayo / Oct 30, 2014


In times of struggle, Alex is someone who lifts you up. She has angel wings of her own, just like us all, and helps us see who we really are. When in session with her, you feel comfortable and excited, just as if you are with an old friend, and you truly gain a high or positive direction in your point of struggle. Honestly, love is all you feel when you are with her, and then on you will cherish the ove inside of yourself. She is very special.

  Carly Pryor / Nov. 1, 2014



All I can say is Alex is the real deal. She has helped me, a friend of mine& my 97 year old grandmother. Grandma has been complaining about someone in her house for months. He was singing &talking to her constantly. Alex confirmed the presence before we told her about it. She said he was there to help her cross over when it was time. Grandma later confided in me that it was an old boyfriend. She was so bothered&scared that she didn't recognize him until it was confirmed that someone was there.

Nov 5, 2015 / Michelle Harrington


Alex is a wonderful reader, healer and teacher. I would recommend her to anyone who is in need of healing on any level. She has helped me in my time of need and am grateful for the help she has given me. Thank you Alex! Nov 8, 2015 by Melanie Channell


Alex is truly amazing and has worked with my Angels several times. She has given me accurate and honest guidance with much love and comfort. Her readings have helped my life and situations so very much. Thank you Alex! You are a blessing!

 Nov 4, 2015 by Julie Swift


Alex is the real deal! Her intuitive skills are nothing short of genius. When I met her I knew she was an Earth Angel. When you met her, you will know to.

Nov 4, 2015 by Judy Rury







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