SALE! FIVE I’m Really A Unicorn Charm and Unicorn Charm Purse Clips FIVE SET ONLY 


(Crystals are display only, not inc) 
Item #UC101
Standard Size: 2.5” long 
The Unicorn 🦄 Meaning: 
The Spiritual meaning of the unicorn is purity, to be pure of body, mind and spirit. If the Unicorn appears in a dream it is showing you a solution is there. It is rare for a Unicorn to lead as its purpose is reassurance. 

The unicorn will come to you, as a pet provides unconditional love so does the Unicorn but the Unicorn will provide the solution to your problem and settle the energies around you. The Unicorn will only be seen by the chosen few, it will only appear to light workers and those that are fair of heart.

I’m Really a Unicorn Purse Charm FIVE

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