NEW!! Empower the Empath Daily Affirmation Cards / 30 Cards per Deck / ONE DECK


Empower the Empath Message / Affirmation Cards~Angel Cards/ Affirmation Cards 30 Cards Per Deck. Great Gifts for Sensitive Souls. EMPATH

Mini Message Cards
2” / 30 card deck
Perfect Pocket Cards!

Empower the Empath Message Cards with Affirmations. Each deck contains 30 cards with individual traits of an empath and an affirmation to help lift up and inspire the empath. Do you take on others energies, suffer from fatigue, feel with things are going to happen? Then you may just be empathic and these cards may resonate with you. Enjoy them and share them with other.

30 deck pack is shrink-wrapped.

Empower the Empath Message Cards