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A little more about me and what I do...







Ever since I can remember, I felt a strong connection to the spiritual world and the angels. I was probably the only 11 year old that actually loved going to church and talking about spiritual things. As I grew up, I had lost this connection and desperatly wanted it back. Thus began my search in recovery and self-discovery and working on getting back into spiritual things. I started hearing loud messages about events to come about 9 years ago when I started the regular practice of meditation and recovery.


At first the messages scared me since all the events did come true. Also, I still had personal healing to take care of, which I worked on for years. As the messages became a regular part of my existance, so did my spiritual work. My meditations came easily and really were my heart works. Next, came my classes and teachings. To me, the most important thing in this work is my relationship to God and my angels and I keep that a priority as I travel down this road.


As my relationship with my angels grew, so did my abiliities and I knew I had to share what was given to me with others. For the last 9 years, I have been offering my spiritual skills and healing meditations to others. My specialty seems to be with healers and those tapping into their own abilities. Since I have had many hard life experiences, I feel that it helps me understand others and their hardships.


In my Angel Readings, I prefer for the person to not talk or tell me too much information, so I can connect to their spirit and get a clear reading on that person. My reliance is on God & Angels, so I do not depend on any cards or tools to get information from. I do pull my Angel Message Cards at the end of the reading, to tie in all the information. I understand that Angel Readings are not for everyone, they are on a very deep & healing level and the person must be willing and wanting to change and open to listening. If you feel like this type of reading would benefit you, I would love to offer this to you and I hope to help you.


You can find me at my Wings of Wonder Healing Expo and Holistic Fairs throughout California and Nevada, carrying hope and healing from the angelic realm. Blessings to you & I hope to meet you on this journey!




Alex's training includes 18 months of training in Angel Healing, Clearing Meditation and Metaphysical Studies.


Alex is currently certified in: Spritual Counseling 101, Angel Healing, Aura's - Identify, View & Understand, Chakra Meditation 101. She is taking courses now in Chakra Clearing, Energy Healing and Relaxation 101.

One of my favorite things to do...

guided meditations with chimes.

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